Montessori Preschool For Your Child

Montessori Preschool For Your Child

Montessori learning is based on practical learning, independent activity, and collaborative games. In Montessori preschools, children make inventive choices in their education, while the classroom setting and instructor offer numerous learning activities to direct the method.

Montessori Method

Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori education, believed that children get nurtured when they are allowed to take decisions and work without restraint in an environment that highlights the below qualities:

  • A useful classroom management that encourages creativity and artistic movement
  • Nature inside and outside the classroom
  • Exquisiteness and cleanliness in a classroom setting
  • Order
  • Resources to aid in a child’s development

Montessori Preschool – Classroom Specifications

Montessori classrooms are well-ordered, clean, organized and disciplined spaces. The welcoming environment in Montessori preschool helps children to feel encouraged focused, and calm. These preschools also provide a separate room for outdoor activities.

All the materials and equipment in the class are easily and directly accessible to the children so as to promote independence and freedom in them. The preschool classroom has different areas for several segments of the program, including:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Sensorial activities to cultivate sensory ability
  • Practical life education to help kids develop daily living skills
  • Cultural learning as well as art, science, geography, and music

What Should you Search for When Visiting the School?

When visiting the school, it’s essential to see the atmosphere of the class and how the instructors and students are interacting with each other. There should also be a session for games and extracurricular activities to grow gross motor skills in children.

Montessori Effects on Kids

Montessori teaching allows students to be composed and independent, with the knowledge of functioning as a part of the classroom group. For that reason, kids who move from Montessori to a conventional school usually get accustomed quite easily.

Materials used in Montessori schools are informative, educational and moralizing. Each topic and stuff will teach a kind of specific skill and also contain a method to correct errors made by a child. The material will also offer commencing thoughts and theory in an effective and easy manner.

Written by Primanti Montessori
Primanti Montessori School is a reputed and renowned name in the arena of Montessori education and infants care. We help children get prepared for the future with better personality development and enhanced skills.

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