Why You Should Allow Kids to Do Chores

Kids to Do Chores

The Montessori school method is intended to promote various skills in your kids. The ideas Preschool Montessori system uses are helpful for increasing the confidence and the sense of responsibility in kids. Allowing your kids to do household chores can help them to learn major life skills. Here are a few reasons why you should …

Preparing your child’s Summer Sensory Play Bag?

Summer Sensory Play

Summer camps are popular programs organized and run by private Montessori schools. Sensory play is also a kind of summer special program for kids. Like other games, the sensory play is helpful to make your child learn new things and get benefits from it. What is Sensory play? Sensory play is about all the activities …

Things to Consider When Selecting a School

Selecting a good school is quite crucial, especially if you are willing to apply for an International Student Program. The school plays a very important role in giving a positive and progressive future to your child. Ignoring this aspect can cause several drawbacks for both parents and children.  Below are some of the most significant …

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